Soundcheck Schedule

Mini-Concerts in Multichannel/Ambisonics Studio (Room 3002)

Mini-Concert 1 – March 6 (1:30 PM, 5 PM) – March 7 (12 PM)

Jon Fielder Wind Chimes Clatter Through Mist and Fog
Evan Williams Utterings
Maksym Prykhodko Constants and Variables
Austin O’Rourke Gridlife

Mini-Concert 2 – March 6 (4 PM) – March 7 (9:30 AM, 12 PM)

Nicholas Cline grainstream
Dennis Reyes Bolgia
Mitch Weakley Nexus
Matt Bryant Giant Leap
Benjamin Whiting Under Lock and Key

Friday, March 6

Concert 1 – 10:30 AM – Bryan Recital Hall

Paul Hembree Apocryphal Chrysopoeia
Lucas Baughman Jitter
Aaron Anderson Melange
Joel Hunt Material
Kenn McSperitt Study No. 1: Transients
Irving Angulo Sublimate
Thomas Beverly Dancing Tree

Concert 2 – 2:30 PM – Bryan Recital Hall

Carter John Rice Code Fragments
Phillip Sink Frayed Cities
Louis Goldford Travertine Hybrid #3
Isaac Levine what top 41 moves rings
Eric Evans Homoousios
Jason Charney Foreign Masonry

Concert 3 – 8 PM – Bryan Recital Hall

Kaitlyn Wagner I, Philip
Eduardo Caballero Convergencias II
Vanissa Law Hum
Alan Racadag Sketch from Mt. Goob
Kevin Logan Seamless
John Nichols III Nothing that Breathes

Saturday, March 7

Concert 4 – 10:30 AM – Bryan Recital Hall

Ryan Olivier Nova Vita
Daniel W Smith Wax and Feathers
Haerim Seok Behind the Flute
Tina Tallon controlled burn
Michael Payen Somnum
Francesc Martí Speech 1
Brian Sears Shimmer

Joo Won Park Keynote Lecture Recital – 1:30 PM – Bryan Recital Hall

Concert 5 – 4:30 PM – Bryan Recital Hall

Tomas Gueglio Nokia Etude
Mary Paige Rodgers Somewhere Over There
Mitchell Herrmann Impulse/Repulse
Ivonne Paredes Cuerdas de Un Pueblo Muy Lejano
John Burnett Astria
Cody Brookshire M3TA11UR6Y
Nick Norton Connection

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